6-24-13 | Watermelon Oreos

After reading about watermelon Oreos online, I couldn’t resist going to my local Target and buying them. I discovered that they taste nothing like real watermelon and nothing like Oreos. The whole experience was pretty bleck. Imagine eating watermelon Bubble Yum squished between two vanilla cookies. Something about the flavor is so unnatural that your mouth tingles and you have a hard time swallowing because it reminds you of gum even though the texture is completely different. Ugh. I still have chunks of the cookie stuck in my molars, so I get a nice little reminder of the weird Oreo I just munched whenever I run my tongue across my teeth.

Hmm…I wonder how many of my friends I can get to try a watermelon Oreo!

Now that I'm thinking about it, here are some other gross things I've eaten (aside from WOs):

1) Escargots from a can - This was a dare in high school.
2) Cow tongue, which is actually pretty good.
3) Ladybugs that stuck to my Popsicles when I was a kid.
4) Buttered Popcorn Jelly Bellys.

5-22-13 | I'm on TV! Woo!!

Do you ever have those times in life when you just need to recharge your batteries? When you find yourself working so hard that you become exhausted by your own efforts? Then you take a break and all of the sudden…KaBlam! Awesome opportunities just smack you in the face. And deep, deep down, a little voice says, “Yep, I deserve this.” Then you embrace what comes your way, knowing life is never really predictable and knowing the opportunity that comes to you today may not be there tomorrow. The past few months have been filled with such cool adventures! Let me do a quick recap.

I’m in a TV commercial! Woo!! Back in March, Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU) cast me to be part of their Share campaign that went live in April. A super talented producer and a bunch of his super talented friends came up from Los Angeles to film BECU commercials in the Seattle area. My location for the shoot was the Conor Byrne Pub in Ballard. Though you can only see my head in the commercial, here’s what the scene really looked like

For those of you who may recognize him, that is Scott Andrew on the drums! If you want to watch the commercial, click here to experience the magic.

Prior to BECU, I was in an Umbrella Flash Mob doing advertising for Homestreet Bank (Yeah, I’m aware of the banking conflict of interest going on here. Happy to admit that I am a member of BECU and totally heart them). I got to sing a bank themed version of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” as all of the dancers performed a choreographed routine throughout the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. In the below picture, I’m the exclamation point (!)

And the biggest adventure of all, I'm engaged! When I posted the news on facebook, below is the picture that came up with the update (hilarious!).

And here is an actual picture of me and Craig from that very same Iron Maiden concert! You can't see it, but the Eddie on my shirt is holding a hatchet. Definitely the most medal I've ever been. Maybe I should write some folk metal? :)

Life is good these days! Hope you all are well and getting excited for summer!

PS Nope, Craig didn't propose at the Iron Maiden concert. But that would have been hilarious squared, right?

5-12-13 | My BECU Debut

In April, BECU asked me to be a part of commercial, and the cast and crew filming the video made me feel like a complete rock star. It's super fun to be able to post the "Share your dream" ad that is currently running on TV.

11-8-12 | Ten Years of Live Performing

This is the first track from my very first album. The album was self titled and independently released (I burned people copies from my desktop computer) in 2002. You might find it hard to believe, but I did most of my own artwork. My brothers helped me cut out the picture of myself, and I designed everything else in a Word doc. I printed the album covers on an old inkjet printer.

6-27-12 | The Doodles, the Unicorns, and Me

Scott and I ask people to doodle at Kin to Stars shows, and I noticed a uni-versal theme is emerging…

As any curious person would do, I google searched “Unicorn of Happiness” and discovered that unicorns do exist! AND you can put them on a photo of your choice!! So I did. Thanks in advance to photographer Kerry McQuaid (who doesn't yet know that I glitterfied her photo of me) and to www.cornify.com for the copious amounts of free rainbows and unicorns.

So much sparkle, so much class!

PS I totally had to add the above to my Facebook photos so that my mailing list provider would recognize the image URL. It's now my profile pic. Fan-unicorn-tastic.

6-12-12 | Can't Take the Tweet

Nothing makes you feel like a technology superstar like tweeting an update to 41414 instead of 40404. Prior to tonight, my last tweet was 141 days ago, which is equivalent to forever in Twitter time. I’m surprised I haven’t been tweeted off the island. Then again, the Twitter-ers probably forgot I was even here. Darn me for reminding them!

Music life lately has been focused on writing and performing Kin to Stars tunes. Scott and I recently released “Tell It to Me Straight” on Bandcamp. We have a couple other notable nuggets available there, too, so it’s worth a visit if you haven’t heard our duo stuff. Plans are to keep recording more tracks throughout the summer months and to just keep having fun with this project. So far, so good.

10-19-11 | New Tunes on Bandcamp

Not only does Kin to Stars have a show in Tacoma this Friday (6:30pm @ the Harmon Brewery Tap Room. woot woot!), we have two new songs on Bandcamp. You should definitely give them a listen, share them with your friends, and download them to your playlist.

7-18-11 | Kin to Stars

Oh how time flies and new songs sparkle. Scott and I started a low pressure write-athon about a year and a half ago just to see what our musical minds could create. Well, I’m pleased to say that we are finally ready to debut a bunch of new tunes as Kin to Stars. For these early months, we’ll be rockin' out as an urban folk duo, and as a teaser, Scott put together the trailer below. You can find the event on facebook or just put a pencil to paper and mark your calendars old school style for our first show on August 6th at Egan’s in Ballard.