1-26-16 | Tiny Desk Contest

I recently entered NPR's Tiny Desk Contest with an acoustic version of "Charade." Why that song? I love it, that's why! When you enter a contest where there's bound to be a bazillion people that do what you do, best bet is to play something you love and let the audience think whatever they will think.

After uploading my Tiny Desk video to YouTube, I realized that my phone camera clearly isn't set up for YouTube video dimensions. Therefore, I'll attempt to use the large amount of black space around a stilled image from my video to explain a few notable items.

A) Wolf Howling At Moon Shirt. I am 100% obsessed with this shirt. It glows in the dark and is from the coolest brewery in Atlanta called Monday Night Brewing. I'm pretty sure I'm never going to wash it so it can last forever. My husband disagrees with this game plan, even though I told him I really don't sweat that much.

B) Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. This book is crazy. I highly recommend you read it so you find out if humans destroy the world with an invention called Ice-9.

C) Book Clock. Bet you thought it was just more books. Surprise! It's not. It's a clock!

D) High School Yearbooks. Hm. I never open these. I'm not exactly sure what most people do with them. What I do know is that high school me was totally into silver ball necklaces from Hot Topic and Nickelback music.

E) Painted Plate. Gift from grandma! The picture on the plate is of two kids singing, and my grandma gave it to me because I was always singing. Oh man, she was so rad. She could play anything on the piano, and she especially liked to play "Memory" from the musical Cats.

F) xkcd: volume 0 by Randall Munroe and Ulysses by James Joyce. You can't really read the titles, but these are two great shelf buddies. If Joyce came back from the dead for a few hours and met Munroe, I wonder what they'd discuss. I hope it would result in a "What If?"

8-20-15 | First Day of Summer (kind of)

Kin to Stars has been up to some studio recording, and I meant to get this posted shortly after the first day of summer. Whoops! Think of it as the First Day of [mid] Summer. Enjoy :)